Whatever you pay them, they want more. But ask them to go the extra mile and you'll be lucky if they'll cross the street to run an errand for you.

You want higher output -- they want shorter hours. You want loyalty, dedication, innovation, steadfastness -- they want a corner office, a company car, four weeks paid vacation, every possible kind of insurance, a 401k, and a contract for a golden parachute... and this is just the shipping clerk!

Employees! Who needs 'em? Hint: you do!

And what about your personal management style. Are you Simon Legree? An empowerer? Have you hired, trained, nurtured and do you oversee a hierarchy of people who operate your business like a well-oiled machine -- even when you're not there?

Managing a business isn't rocket science. But for many businessmen, and especially craftspeople, achieving this goal is as daunting as putting a man on the moon.

Let us help you assess your strengths and weaknesses in this area and put together a development plan to leverage the best of your human resources, replace lost causes, and hire right and retain a quality team.