cost of services

I'll start by saying that I'm at a unique point in my life. My craft has been very, very good to me over the past twenty-five years, and I'm presently in a position to give back a little to this industry that has been the source of my good fortune. You, the craft professionals, are the direct beneficiaries of this. As you have seen, most content is free.

It's very difficult to establish fixed prices up front, particularly without knowing your particular business or the scope of the project. We can start with the understanding that your initial consultation is free. If I don't do anything but noodle your situation for a while and then nudge you in the right direction -- as in you do all the work -- then my services are free. In other words, stock answers to stock questions cost you nothing. They are already part of the free content available at my website and through my newsletters. All you have to do is apply the concepts to your specific situation.

If I have to spend time researching distribution venues, putting together sales brochures and artist statements, implementing advertising programs, analyzing your cost structure, etc. then, yes, it's going to cost you. However, the more information you can provide me initially with which to analyze your situation, the less it's going to cost.

Base consulting fees after the initial free consultation are $80 per hour. That is per hour of actually working on your project, not getting up to speed on who you are or what the project entails. On site consultations get a break on the rate, but my expenses have to be covered.

Here are some very general references for fee-based services. Please note that they cover only my services, so production costs such as photography, drum scans and separations, printing, insertions etc. are additional expenses. I have my own digital photography studio as well as state-of-the-art graphics, desktop publishing and web authoring software to produce the kind of literature you've come to expect from Santa Fe Stoneworks over the years. And -- more importantly -- I know how to address the needs of the crafts community.

  Simple tri-fold brochure with few graphics 
  Simple website home page with few graphics 
  Complex multi-page brochure/catalog similar to Santa Fe Stoneworks -- custom quotes
 $750 - 1,000
  Complex multi-page website similar to Santa Fe Stoneworks, with or without store option -- custom quotes
 $650 - 10,000+
  Logo, depending on technique, complexity, color etc. -- custom quotes
 $250 - 750

The best way for you to approach the cost of services issue is to analyze your situation, frame your question specifically, send me as much information about your craft business as you can gather as it relates to the question, and then arrange for your free initial consultation. If your problem cannot be resolved during this discussion, I will definitely be in a position to give you a reasonably firm estimate as to the cost of my services. You can decide from there.

I will also be in a position at that time to recommend alternative approaches should you choose to decline my services. These include the Small Business Administration, the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) and your local Small Business Development Center.

As I've said many times, CraftSmarts™ is your resource. I have only been engaged in this activity a short time, but I have had no unhappy customers, and many of the crafts professionals I've worked with have solved their problems during the initial consultations.

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