CraftSmarts is dedicated to providing craft industry professionals those business tools necessary to be successful in today's complex marketplace.

Service Overview
All aspects of the business of art are covered through the company's interactive website, frequent newsletters, personal appearances at trade shows, and both written and oral communications channels. These include financial matters, marketing & sales, operations, management issues, professional relationships and business strategies. Many services are provided free of charge. Custom services tailored to specific needs are available, from mentoring referrals to full-scale, on-site consulting possibilities.

With an extensive business background and more than twenty-one year's experience as an award-winning crafts professional, John Iverson possesses a unique expertise within the contemporary craft industry. Associates with solid grounding in specific disciplines
round out the team, which can be fielded to deal with any number of craft business issues.

Getting started
Your initial consultation is always free. Contact CraftSmarts by phone, fax, email or visit the interactive website. We will review your specific situation with you, and suggest non-fee solutions, if appropriate. For more complex or custom needs, we will be happy to provide a written proposal of services to be performed.

What's new?
We are pleased to announce that construction of the website is well underway. Here you will find resources including wholesale show listings, books & periodicals and links to craft-related newsgroups and websites. A discussion section incorporating a community forum and group chat is included, as well as a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Craft Questions (FACQ's), the tip of the week, breaking news in the craft community and copies of recent newsletters.

Whether you are new to the craft industry or an old pro, all craft professionals will benefit from the new services offered by CraftSmarts. Many of us lack basic business skills, or the subtle nuances to really succeed at our craft. CraftSmarts provides you with a virtual business manager, and gives you affordable access to a wide range of business talents to complement your creative side.

CraftSmarts addresses the business of art. You professional craft makers are our partners in this endeavor. Both the left and right sides of the brain must function effectively to succeed in the 21st Century. This is your resource -- use it.



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