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Posted by Luann Udell on October 04, 2000 at 19:19:44:

In Reply to: Re: first wholesale show posted by John on October 03, 2000 at 18:20:36:

: Methinks there's more here than meets the eye. Is it possible that these high end, one-of-a-kinds are really somewhat limited production pieces produced on a variations-on-a-theme basis?
: If so, then -- regardless of what you call them --they need to be priced on the same basis as your regular line, i.e., a retail price that is at least keystone based on your wholesale price.

Well, I'm beginning to see the light. Yes, John, you're right, these are limited production works, not truly one-of-a-kind. I see your point, and now I'm back smack dab to where I started. How do I wholesale shockingly expensive limited-production work? Is it still wholesale with a 50% mark-up? Do I require people to buy 3, or 6? What did you do with those exotic knives when you were just starting to make a name for yourself? Did you mark them low so lots of people would buy them, then raised your prices? On the other hand, when someone who is underpricing their work, my first thought is, "They must be a beginner because they don't know the value of what they're doing. Therefore, maybe the *work* isn't there, yet, either....." I know the art galleries are going to want me to consign (pause for a minute while I scream quietly...) Every gallery I take these to wants to me to consign them. I did this at first. I could only make a dozen or so a year (I'm faster now, but not much.) Soon I had dozens of these babies hanging around not selling fast. Now the owner wants me to rotate the stock. They mail them back (usually, because it's consignment, at my expense.) I send them new ones. They sell one or two. Meanwhile, I can't enter these in competitions (for publicity & exposure further afield, they're not available for retail shows, and I can't try them out in other venues because they're all over the place. That's why I pulled them all out of galleries & off consignment and said I was only going to sell them retail. But a few stores said they'd wholesale them because they wanted them so badly. But the wholesale price just seems.....too low. But doubling the price just seems too high. Not to put myself in the same ballpark, but what does Dale Chihuly do? Do store owners buy six of his latest pieces for $24,000? Does he ship his work around the country on consignment? Am I getting too far ahead of myself here? I think there's a crucial piece I'm not seeing/getting here, and you're getting close. ;^)

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