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Posted by John Iverson on September 14, 2000 at 17:26:06:

In Reply to: Re: Product decisions for 1st show. posted by Luann Udell on September 10, 2000 at 09:08:40:

: : I think that showing up with a broad spectrum of your work in depth and with various price points is the way to get started. By the end of the show you will know what the market likes about your work, and -- just as importantly -- what doesn't sell at a given price.

: I'm going to go out on a limb & disagree with John hear (yikes!) I used this strategy for my first few shows, and it bombed.

Point well taken. Don't ever be afraid to disagree with me; I am only an egg, too. Obviously, *whatever* you throw out on the table has to be complementary and thematic as a whole. Take an artist who shows original oils, signed and unsigned lithos and notecards -- all price points are represented and the display *as a whole* works. A woodworker with boxes, cutting boards, clocks, picture frames -- all in domestic hardwoods and again in rainforest exotics -- also has a busy, but complementary, range of offerings. On the other hand, someone doing several media at once, say jewelry and home accents in polymer clay and leather for starters, can easily look a little frenetic. So, I guess it all boils down to what that mess on the table ends up looking like overall. So for starters, I'd bet on a range of products and prices, making certain that there was a definite deliniation in the perceived values. To illustrate, as a knifemaker I could easily cram more than $10,000 onto a ten foot table -- everything from $1,000 custom knives to high priced kitchen/tableware to cheap pocket cutlery. My retail price points went from $8 to well over $1,000 on that table, and it wasn't confusing to the buyers. Some shows I sold all the high end stuff first; some shows I took all the high end stuff back home with me. But I always had something for everyone.

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