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Posted by Luann Udell on May 27, 2001 at 19:41:34:

In Reply to: wholesale show flooring posted by Dottie Dracos on May 26, 2001 at 12:33:23:

Dottie, speaking from sad experience.... (not *that* sad!) ;^)
I took very interesting and very comfortable flooring to the February BMAC show. A fellow artisan had given me an excellent tip about it, and I decided to try it. It was moderately expensive, and I was worried it would look too busy in my booth. But I did the experiment, hoping, like you, that the concept would draw people into my booth.

Buyers commented that it *was* very comfortable, but oddly enough, they didn't really notice the floor until they were *in* the booth. And once they were in the booth, noticing the floor was a distraction, because I wanted them to look at my work.

The mats were so heavy and cumbersome that they tore apart the box I shipped them in. I had to scrounge for a new box after the show. It was even heavier-duty, but their weight tore apart *that* box, too. I was lucky they were "sticky", or they might have fallen out of the box. They were extremely heavy to haul around, too, and the advice you got on the TCR forum is right--you have to haul everything out of your booth into the aisle, then unpack the flooring first (which was at the bottom of my pallet), then lay the floor down. It was my first wholesale show, so I was not at my finest--it took me forever to get everything set up in the right order.

After the show, when it came time to pack them up, I was exhausted, and it was very hard to wrangle them into their new box, wrap it up & get them back onto the pallet (they weighed over 100#.)

Add in the cost of the freight charges, and the extra $22 in drayage to get them to the convention hall ($11 a box each way) and I don't think I really saved much money by not renting carpeting.

In my *very* humble opinion, I don't think you have to have fancy flooring to bring buyers into your booth. I had a very simple and plain booth (with lots of texture, though, and tons of lighting) and the work really popped out (like your colorful work will do.) My advice would be to put your mental energy into other aspects of the show--developing a show special, your paper, providing other "comfort things" for your buyers--and then check out other booths and see if you see a good floor treatment that would work for you.

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