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Posted by Dottie Dracos on April 18, 2001 at 09:10:21:

In Reply to: Gift Shows posted by M.R. Daniels on April 09, 2001 at 10:38:05:

Just a little more input: I'm a ceramics artist, do all my own work along with my husband. We did retail exclusively up until a year ago, were approached by WE to do wholesale. We started in the handcrafted section in Portland, OR, were pleased with sales, even though traffic was awfully slow sometimes. And we've done Seattle and Portland since then. We're moving on to BMAC now as we feel we want to get more and better exposure. We're really happy that we've "hit the bigtime" by being allowed to show at BMAC but those giftware shows (replete with lots of import and questionable quality stuff, the ones we've attended at least) served a vital role for us in our business growth. Yes, we got lots of minimum orders from moms-and-pops and lots of requests for personal purchases, but we've gotten enough excellent-quality galleries to more than compensate. And the reorders sustain our business, too. So for us at least, these shows have proven to be extremely beneficial. Time permitting, we'll still continue to do them just to keep in touch with clients (many now friends) we've acquired at these shows, who don't do the "big" shows. In my opinion, if one has a high-quality, eyecatching, unusual - salable!!! -- product, buyers will find you. I just hope my pieces continue to fit that description!

Note: I'm trying the "optional link URL;" hope it works; I'm not very computer savvy. Dottie

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