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Posted by John on March 02, 2001 at 07:01:25:

In Reply to: Confirming orders placed at shows? posted by Luann Udell on March 01, 2001 at 16:41:43:

Follow-ups to the "be backs": Well, these folks are highly-qualified leads, for sure. Your orientation here should be to ensure them that you are still interested in doing business with them (try something like "your trading area is still open" -- that'll get their attention, like saying "if you don't order now I'm going to sell your competition across the street!"), and resolving any lingering doubts they might have about your line. Did you pick up any Top 10 or Top 100 Retailers at the show. If so, drop their names in the conversation. Buyers are like lemmings -- it's a herd mentality. If Mother Goose filled an entire case with your stuff, then Joe Blow's Collections won't be able to stand the thought of missing out on the hot new craft widget for 2001.

Follow-ups on future deliveries: did you write down an exact shipping/delivery date on the order? Did the buyer get a copy of it? If so, you shouldn't have to worry. There is very little "buyer remorse" in the craft industry, and I've found over the years that those stores who do change their minds after the fact either (1) have a very good reason (death in the family, hurricane, etc.) or (2) are so flaky that you ought not to be doing business with them in the first place (yeah, I know the show promoter qualifies the buyers before letting them in, but how many "interior designers" did you talk to there?). If you're worried, you can either send a hard copy *order confirmation* right now, or you can pick up the phone a couple of weeks before the ship date and call them. If you do the later, make it a sales call. "Hi, I'm Luann and you ordered my fabulous wall hangings in Philly. I'm scheduling my studio time right now to ensure shipment to you by May 31st. Just wanted to confirm the ship date. By the way, my legless horses seem to be extremely hot right now, and I notice that you didn't order any at the show. Should I throw in a half dozen on approval? Also, I have a new post-show special. For anyone prepaying by credit card I'll throw in a dozen horse legs free." That kind of thing.

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