Confirming orders placed at shows?

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Posted by Luann Udell on March 01, 2001 at 16:41:43:

I've just filled the first orders taken at my very first wholesale show. Now I'm setting up a schedule for the remaining orders, and planning follow-up calls with buyers who expressed interest but did not place orders.

How do I approach follow-up calls?
And how do I "solidify" those orders that won't be filled for a few months, or even til late summer? Do I send a confirmation on every order placed, with a copy of the entire order? A postcard saying that the order has been scheduled for shipment on such-and-such a date?

I want to balance staying in touch with these new accounts, offset as much "buyer's remorse" as possible, and yet not bug them too much if they really don't want to hear from me til June. How do you handle this "delayed fulfillment" period?

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