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Posted by Luann Udell on October 19, 2003 at 11:16:16:

In Reply to: Fundraising-Odd question. posted by Aaron on October 12, 2003 at 10:31:26:

I'm a florist who is donating for a cause. The theme is the "arts and craft" period. (snip) Do I use all natural, simple, and local flowers and foliages? I have access to a nice wild, grownover farm for much of the items I was considering of using.

Hi Aaron,
Actually, you're question is really hard to answer! :^)

Is the event one of those where designers decorate rooms in a house and people visit over a period of several days? Is there an event like a dinner or party that lasts one evening? Is your arrangement just for decoration or is it being auctioned off? Will there be media coverage of the event, or will lots of snazzy people be attending? How long will the arrangement have to "keep"? If it's weeks (like the arrangement is being auctioned off or the event lasts awhile), then a dried flower arrangement would be perfect.

And what do you want to promote with this opportunity? If you mainly do fresh flower arrangements and essentially want to promote that, then a fresh arrangement will work best. If you'd like to experiment in dried arrangements and hope to build more business with that, then test-drive the dried arrangement. If this event somehow promotes your region, state, etc., then the added bonus of using materials from the overgrown farm will be an inspired choice. But if it would be hard to replicate for future orders, you should stress that it's a one-of-a-kind piece for this special occassion only.

I think if you answer those questions for yourself, you'll know what kind of arrangement to provide. And if you're simply dying for the chance to do an awesome piece in native materials, go for it!

I hope you're getting mention for your business in the program and promotional materials for the event, and able to leave business cards so visitors can get in touch with you when their socks are blown off by your flowers. And if it's an especially amazing piece, try to get a professional photographer to get a good photo of it (in situ if the event is taking place in a terrific setting) for your portfolio and for your future advertising/promotional materials.

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