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Posted by greg on June 16, 2003 at 18:33:56:

In Reply to: Cyber-selling posted by John on April 03, 2003 at 17:05:01:

I'll share my on-line experience. I developed my web site about a year ago. I spent much time getting good search engine rating and in my target search terms I'm am almost always on the top page. But...
1) The internet is NOT the field of dreams. I have had very few direct purchases from my site. Failure, absolutely not.
2) The biggest benefit of my site is for follow up from my retail shows. For ever $1000 of sales at a show I will get about $500 in followup sales that primarily come after people think about my product, go to my web site and often show others. This alone makes my site very successful fo me.
3) I do very little paper catalogs. I can call retailers or my sales reps and share my entire product line with them within minutes. I have all the the retail pricing listed and I wholesale at half the listed price. This has been very successful and most of my best wholesale customers were brought on board using this method. As an aside, I have had no issues with retailers about me having my site.
Bottom line. IMHO if you are looking for a website to generate millions in sales then you will likely be greatly disappointed. But as a tool in combination with other market tools it can be very effective. Good luck to every one giving it a go.

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