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Posted by George Bruno on January 24, 2003 at 09:30:12:

In Reply to: Are Artists allowed Pen Names? posted by Shilo on January 23, 2003 at 13:39:59:

: I was just wondering if an Artist can legally use a pen name, like a writer would? If so, would that be a good idea or not. Someone had asked me that, and I am hoping that someone here might know.
: Thanks. Love this site!
: Shilo

Hello Shilo, Yes, you can use a "pen name". People in literature do it. Samuel Clemens was "Mark Twain" (Check the history of his pen name. It'll surprise you.) If you intend to go from a hobby to a business, it is wise. Form a "C" corporation or an "LLC" (limited liability corp.) and use can benefit from utilizing all your costs and expenses including travel, mileage, square-footage in your studio, phone calls, marketing expenses, internet/website expenses, and the list goes on. You can legally squeeze every penny out of your artwork. Get all you can out of all you've got. I think of Carloyn Byers who created Charles Dickens type "carolers" figures IN HER GARAGE out of clay and dressed them in period clothes...TODAY, the company is called BYERS CHOICE, and is a multi-million dollar industry. They are very benevolent and give to really neat organizations that serve people. Every time they donate, it attracts tons of press and photo-ops. This just reinforces their "brand". Go ahead. Have a pen name. Here's an "out there" idea...Have your pen name, but put a dot com or dot net on the end of it. People will go to your site and buy more and see more of your work. (Which is what we artists all want, right?) Your art will be associated with your name. (it's kind of like "1-800-FLOWERS") It's very smart. It not only tells you what they do, but how to contact them. They even recently changed their name to "1-800-FLOWERS.COM". Make it easy for your customers and potential customers to find AND BUY from you. Remove all the barriers. May I challenge you? Forget pen name. Think DOMAIN NAME. This could be the difference between a hobby and a business that pays all the bills and more. Godspeed, George Bruno

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