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Posted by Steve Binns on December 17, 2002 at 07:16:01:

In Reply to: Re: Online promotion posted by Glass Orchids on June 06, 2002 at 19:25:27:

Net Brand-building Secrets
Secret No. 22 - For search engine optimization donít forget about misspellings.
Search engines are often used in a hurry so a large amount of searches are done on misspelled words. That doesnít even include people like myself who canít spell! Take advantage of this by using misspellings of popular keywords to send traffic to your site. E.g. Letís say you run a marketing firm. In addition to having the term Ďmarketing firmsí in your Meta keyword tag, make sure you also have marcketing firms, marketig firms, maketing firms and marketing ferms etc. Whenever these misspelled words are searched your site will most likely be in the top 5 of the search results. Good luck.
Steve Binns
Ming Diamond Price

: This is my first visit here. I hope this can be a little useful..... Currently the two things that I find cost effective AND effective are 1] an adwords campaign on google. You pay per click and you get a little box with a sentence and your URL on the top right hand side of search engine results for your keywords. So, if you can't get top placement on their search engine you can pay to be on top but only pay per click.

: 2] Theme base links pages. I use the Zeus Robot to automate the process of creating an indexed, multi-page link system. You decide what kind of website your visitors would also like to see and then you have the robot search the web for sites that fit your criteria. Then, from within the robot, you email those sites and ask to swap links. The robot generates and uploads the link pages to your host for you. Now the important thing about having your site on 100s of other folks links pages is not that you will get traffic from them BUT that you will increase your popularity ranking in the major search engines so you place higher when someone searches on your keywords. The more sites that link TO YOU the higher your popularity ranking. This is just one of the factors search engines use to decide who gets top billing under any given keyword.

: IMO, banner ads do not work at all. I don't even focus on banner ads... they have become invisible because most people just ignore them or use a program to keep them from showing at all. However, ads on a site that is related specifically to your content would be beneficial... if you can afford them....

: Hope that helps a little.
: Nancy

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