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Posted by roz on December 04, 2002 at 12:35:21:

Where have I been? I only stumbled on this message board and web-site through a search on the validity of the famous "Shop America Network". After receiving yet one more solicitation from them, I went looking for info and found you folks! I've been, over the years, to many other Artists and Crafters web spaces, and I'm thankful to find such an open forum for discussion. Thanks, John.

I have a complaint at this time. My favorite gripe, as a matter of fact. How many of you are exhibiting at shows with your carefully handcrafted product only to find nearly 85% of the other "artists" at the show are re-selling wholesale, bulk purchased goods? My husband (the artist) and I have a standing joke about this kind of folks. "Buy it wholesale, take it home and slap a bow on it, sell it for 4x's its wholesale price!" I get so p-o'd! I know the answer is to keep escalating the quality of our shows, but that also escalates our costs, what with higher entry fees, and more extensive travel. Just thought I'd gather some imput from other Artists and Crafters. What to do?

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