ID when accepting credit cards

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Posted by June on December 01, 2002 at 09:09:28:

This topic has been bounced around on every crafting/artisan forum I've visited and no one has yet been able to state what the *rule* is.

The arrangements I have with my bank are reasonable and familiar so I haven't hunted around for better fees and rates. The last time I saw a thread (about a year ago) about ID when taking a card, I called my bank. They told me the same thing then as they did when I opened the account.

No minimum
No preferred card
No additional ID

My bank said I can do pretty much what I want, but if I get caught it's my neck in the noose. They also explained that I would probably only get my hands slapped the first offense, but after that, it become more serious.

This topic has surfaced again. This time I read that Discover and American Express require a billing address at the time of sale to verify. With my personal AE card, no one has ever asked for my billing address, phone number, or name of my first born male child. I don't accept AE because it's too costly and most customers have VISA and MC.

I should also add that I don't do that many shows any more. The shows I do allow me to verify on-site. This isn't to say I verify ALL card sales - that's a risk I assume. I do however verify all large sales.

So far, I've taken my bank and VISA/ MC terms very seriously and do not ask for additional information. I've only been asked twice for ID and each time I refused. Neither time was there any conflict.

Just what IS the rule? Are the *changes* really changes or little bends in the rules?

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