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Posted by Trisha on November 08, 2002 at 18:49:43:

In Reply to: Re: copyright posted by sylvana on November 08, 2002 at 17:26:27:

: Hi trisha

: thanks for your help on the copyright and wholesale issue. do you have any of your work copywritten or does anyone else out there? i do have another question if you know? i do wire art and produce multiple works of different types of wire gauges and colors and different decorative accents on the pieces to make them unique. that is where i am confused. Do you copyright the actual base design? or do you need to send in one for each different piece of work? in the case of song writting, obviousely you would copyright each song, but in an artists case, how do you copyright each unique addition to one original design?

: thanks for any help you can give.

Your own original stuff is copyrighted from the moment of inception, whether it is registered or not. The registration process is simply for your benefit, in the event you ever have to haul someone to court, over copyright infringment.

Yes, all of my stuff is copyrighted. I do nature/other photography, and some of that is with other alternate methods/techniques, which makes each one, not only a photographic image, but also a one of a kind. Quilts and other things I make that are my own original design/technique are also copyrighted.

I'm not sure about the things that you make, but in some things, you can do one registration and have several things as in a *collection*. I believe that is still in effect today.

On the items you make, if you haven't done so yet, try to get the copyright symbol, date, and your name on the item. The copyright symbol is . On your pc, do alt+0169 in Times New Roman to get it on paper. One more thing, the copyright site gives the exact order of the info ... such as this: 2002 tpal

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