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Posted by Sherrill on October 25, 2002 at 16:48:30:

While on another forum, the thread was on pricing, the hardest issue we folks debate. In my reply, I set out an example of pricing that I use: (materials + labor) x 2.5 = retail price. The person who answered me said that my formula result seemed just a tad over what should be wholesale and suggested I come to this site for a better discussion and understanding of the subject. Yeowser!

Just so you know what my slant on art is: I create distincive beaded jewelry, adornments and beaded artworks.

I think I'll stay with the prices I've already marked things, and for any new things, I will take (materials + labor) X 4 to see what the numbers bring. Either that or I'll re-shuffle the whole works for 2003.

Interesting, too, was the discussion on wholesale shows....

I think I'm going to do a lot of thinking in the few months remaining of 2002.

Thank you, John, for this wonderful site; the forum, your articles, and the willingness of everyone to share information.

Wherever you go take joy!
Blessings, Sherrill

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