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Posted by John on October 18, 2002 at 18:55:03:

In Reply to: Vius alert info posted by Trisha on October 18, 2002 at 11:05:57:

How can we not be certain that YOUR message isn't a virus?

I've lost literally millions of dollars over the past several years by NOT even bothering to open junk emails that show up in my inbox; you know the ones: how to make the big bucks with my computer, just send them my email addy for confirmation of the winning prize number, etc. -- up to and including not opening unpersonalized emails from friends that are merely forwarded stuff. I don't even buy Viagra online or try to get any of my body parts enlarged!

I don't believe I've saved any time by deleting these emails -- I have to scrutinize each and every one's addy and subject -- but I still get the Nigerian money scam every day and at least a couple of Kletz(?) virus emails. What I don't get are open viruses anymore.

Two years ago I was the recipient of the Love Bug, compliments of one of my best fishing buddies. Forget the fact that he said he loved me in it -- I clicked on the attachment automatically (silly me) because it was from him. I then had FIVE days from hell scrapping this thing off my box. Never again!

The best defenses: don't open obvious spam; don't open attachments you aren't expecting; set your email security to "high," don't use the preview pane to view your mail, and don't even think about opening something from Russia or China or anywhere in the Third World. If you can, set your email client to receive "text" only as opposed to HTML emails.

Did I mention that you should keep your virus software updated -- like weekly or better? It will scan email for you -- if you let it.

But that's not all. You probably have several spy 'bots on your computer right now -- Ad trackers that you were fed as cookies. Go to any website, and you get infected. These things follow you around and report your surfing habits to their masters. If you really want to get paranoid about cyberspace, go to and download their free version of Ad-ware. I cleaned more than a dozen of these beasties off my box the first time I used it, and a week later I had half a dozen more. They are like Lamprey eels, and follow you everywhere singing I KNOW WHERE YOU WENT TODAY!

And I could go on. Thanks, Trisha, for reminding us that we ought to be careful of where we step in this Brave New World of cyberspace.

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