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Posted by Trisha on October 07, 2002 at 12:11:37:

I'm in the process of changing my fabric goods hang tags for shows. In order to save time and such, I want to use the same tag for all sales, be it shows or other. Is this even feasible or productive to use the same format tag? Or should I have one that covers any kind of retail, and one specifically for wholesale?

Is it best to use my name or my business name on the tag? I was also thinking for the address part - just the town, state, and zip code; with phone number and email address and web url. In reading this as I type, I think I may have answered my question of 1 vs 2 tags.

What I have on them now for this one fabric item in particular, is a small bit of hints for uses, name and biz name, city/state/zip, phone/email/web url. It just to me though, does not look 'right', for lack of a better word.

I checked John's archives here, and it hasn't been brought up, and other archives are not available to check out previous posts on hang tags.

Oh yes, I also have my logo on the tag. John, this cursor is acting up again and I can't go back up to include any extra info. (tag size is approximately 2.5" square).

Thanks for any help.

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