Re: How to tell if a Co is REALLY a business?

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Posted by Brad on May 31, 2002 at 22:52:40:

In Reply to: How to tell if a Co is REALLY a business? posted by June on April 15, 2002 at 11:58:15:

: During the past few weeks, I've been contacted by three people, asking for my wholesale list. They have a resale certificate, but that seems to be the only information they want to provide.

: Each one wants to pay by check (personal account), PayPal, or Money order. When I ask for their business address, they ask me to ship to their home. None want to even consider credit.

: Part of my "plan" is to give "territory rights" to my customers (with store fronts) who reorder on a regular basis. I have several customers who order regularly, and the last thing I want to do is have some hobbyist undercutting them at a local street show.

: So far, only one is in the same Zip Code as a regular customer. She was not happy that I declined her order, but said she understood. One said she had a store front, but it was in her home. The other said as long as she had her resale certificate, I was not privy to any additional information.

: I know of several crafters who sell their work (and the work of others) at local street shows and consignment shops. Many present themselves as a "business" but are not licensed or declare their earnings.

: Over the years, I have built up a good reputation with my Business customers, and find it to my advantage to sell only to licensed businesses with a store front. I would like to maintain that reputation.

: What questions may I ask to ensure I am not selling to those who are buying for personal use or resale in a consignment shop or at street shows. Is there a line I can not cross?
Reply:You have been contacted by three people wanting your wholsale price list... Bravo !!Find out from them where they saw your work, what they like about it, how well they think they can sell the you have a minimum order for a new account? That usually gets rid of the nonbusiness people. they have a tax permit # good but want to pay by personal problem check clears order..fine credit card, no problem..Brad's rule the one with the money at the end of the day wins. sell sell sell.
Another one of Brad's rules....get ready for a change? IT may have made a great deal of sence to only find store-front retailers to sell to a few years ago..todays trends indicate that many businesses are moving home..considering high mall rents poor traffic and the other restrictions forced on todays retailers, todays merchants are searching for a better way, there has to be one..I'll just point to a few little companies that don't have store fronts. EBay, Amway, Mary Kay cosmetics, Then there are the hundreds of people that are just starting their businesses and haven't made the jump to high overhead...let's see a few years ago there were a couple of guys building apples in their garage.. Brad's rule Todays little guy may be big tomorrow...develope relationships with little guys they appreciate it.
Brad's rule: my customers help develope my plans..I must meet their needs, not the other way around..It's nice to dream of how we would like our business to be years from now..but alot of that is beyond our control..Things like angst come out of trying to control who sells our stuff or what they do with it after they own it.
I can't imagin a greater complement than someone buying my stuff because they like it and want it in their house or to give it to one of their friends. Now then if they want to be the only one selling my work in say a given area then ..Bravo,,I will determine what that will cost them..I once had a lady demand exclusivity in a trade area with an order of one takes guts to laugh at a store owner in her store.
In closing let me just add.. That art used to be anything you could get away with...but most of that stuff is locked up in art galleries so no one has to look at it. Also if I may be so bold, the media was the message until most figured out that they really had nothing to say.
I can tie a Royal Coachman, or a bivisible but much perfer a muddler catches fish....Brad's rule: Never judge a pie by the heigth of the merange..
I love this interplay of ideas stuff. Artist, jeweler, goldsmith, craftsman, and flyfisherman.

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