Re: How to tell if a Co is REALLY a business?

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Posted by M.R. Daniels on April 20, 2002 at 19:01:48:

In Reply to: How to tell if a Co is REALLY a business? posted by June on April 15, 2002 at 11:58:15:

I am so annoyed with people who do this. They even sneak into the big wholesale shows. I dealt with a group of wmen at BMAC who called themselves "Decormates" and had business cards---no address. They gave me the old "ship to my home" story saying the store was closed for summer vacation. To make a long story short, they shop for their friends. They walk the show with friends, make notes of what they want, then come back and order.
Yes, it will hurt the legitimate wholesale accounts you have.
Here are my rules: You MUST have a storefront. No exceptions. To "decorators" who show me legitimate business cards and tax ID I offer 25% off retail if they order at a show; 15% any other time. No exceptions.
I need three credit references from other artists with whom they have wholesale accounts. If even one of them sounds iffy (like a ten year old answers the phone because it's really their sister's house or you get a machine during store hours that says kimmy and jim are out for the day) I notify them that the order will be canceled unless they give me three new references.
Storefront in the home? Not good enough. It must be on a main shopping street, tell them that.
It sounds like your minimums may not be high enough. That usually discourages wannabes.
M.R. Daniels

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