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Posted by annie on March 14, 2002 at 20:07:48:

I just read the contracts section, thanks! It covers everything except the one thing I had a lot of trouble with recently.

I recently terminated a long (12 year) relationship with a gallery. After so many years, I had a huge body of work sold, and customers that would come back with thier old pieces for tweeking or repair.

This went way beyond simple defects in manufacture, this is stuff that got washed, or bashed etc. I actually enjoyed fixing it, and felt it built goodwill with the gallery to take in all work, no questions asked.

I suddenly had a problem, as the gallery wanted me to keep repairing the work for free, and even wanted me to pick it up and drop it off. Basically, they didn't want to refer any of the customers to me, or to have me know who they were.

I had never learned about warrenty issues prior to that, but I wouldn't ever not have a specific warrenty agreement with a gallery again.


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