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Posted by Trisha on February 08, 2002 at 20:13:48:

In Reply to: Re: advertising posted by deb enos on February 08, 2002 at 14:45:32:

If last weekend is any indication, people are starting to buy again. During the Christmas holidays though, one could even get in and out of our local Wal-Mart in under 10 minutes at the register. The large malls here, were very slow then too, from what I heard at that time. So it's not just artisans and crafters feeling the crunch. Hopefully, things are getting on the up and go buy side again.

: : : Question: How important is it to the growth of your business to advertise in magazines and other display media

: : I have been in business for 11 years and last year was my first attempt at advertising in a magazine. It is a beautiful magazine given to all the guests at our local resorts and many take it home. It has not been worth the expense so far but will give it one more year and see if it draws people to my shop. I don't know the size of your business but I find the prices to be very high for small businesses. It depends on two things: do you have a shop you want to draw customers to or do you do mail orders only or both? Hope this helps a little.

: Thanks to everyone for your imput, now I have another question: I have been in contact with many of the shops and galleries that sell my work and have gotten a new slant on the "slowdown", somwhat scary actually, up untill recently I felt that the economy was in a temp. slump due to lots of reasons, mainly those events of last year and perhaps the Enron situation, but now I am hearing in the voices of these shop owners a lot of real fear not just because my product may not be selling as well as in the past but primarily because there are no customers out there buying, period, I have a great many shops in some pretty afflunent areas and they are the ones that are reporting that NO one is in the shopping center not just not in their stores but not in the center at all!! This is a little unusual due to the upcoming Valentines day and actually the weather has not been all that bad for most of the country. So my points are these: 1 is any one else hearing this, 2 what are your thoughts on it ,3 what are your plans to manage the change.
: I will stop writing shortly I promise, but what I have usually done at times like this is go out and find new shops, and consequently I have acquired many new shops to sell to and I wonder if this move won't defeat me almost as badly as not getting the new shops{galleries etc} if the economy returns full force or even half force and all these shops want merchandise at the same time I will be in trouble , unable to work fast enough to keep the orders filled, any feedback would be welcomed. Sorry I took so long.

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