Re: All new world at my door brings questions.

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Posted by M.R. Daniels on January 20, 2002 at 06:50:13:

In Reply to: All new world at my door brings questions. posted by Mckenna on January 18, 2002 at 09:04:44:

: 1. The PO form my rep uses has a Start Date and a Cancel Date, but no ship date. What is implied? For example: one is Start Feb 1 and Cancel on Feb 28. I am stumped here. Am I to start putting the order together on Feb 1 and ship on Feb 28?

Mckenna, this one stumped me too at our first wholesale show. It simply means you can start to ship any time after Feb 1 and if they do not have the whole order by the cancel date, they can cancel it.

: 2. One of them has in Start Date A/R and Cancel 3/1. What is A/R: At Receipt? As Ready? And again, what is implied?

At receipt, as ready, whatever, but again the cancel date means that they must have all the order by that date.

: 3. My rep likes COD as terms, but I know many artists do protest that COD can be more dangerous as bad checks at delivery can happen

I agree with John here. In seven years of doing wholesale I have never had a COD check turn up bad, but I have had a credit card payment get reversed or at least be a hassle. Take a risk.
I have found that most stores would rather give me a credit card at delivery rather than COD, to avoid COD charges. Our orders usually go out in several packages and I will not put the whole cod amount on one package, but will divide it per contents, meaning that EACH package incurs a COD charge. These can add up! Most stores will go for the credit card to avoid that.

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