All new world at my door brings questions.

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Posted by Mckenna on January 18, 2002 at 09:04:44:

Aloha John et al,

Searching around the internet and can't find details I need. I recently had the good fortune of getting an Artist Rep who at the first show wrote a bunch of orders! Yippee! ...and Oh No! This is quite a change in my life. Allow me to explain.

I am completely spoiled. For the past nearly 10 years, I have had the pleasure of doing (with few exceptions) nothing but consignment and doing exactly what I want. I picked the accounts. I picked the display locations in the stores. I furnished them with (required) displays. I controlled the ordering - what when and how much. I was able to just "schedule" my life around a monthly "report of sales" and based on the needs I would then "schedule" my production for the next month via a par system. Turnaround time of 2 to 3 days from time of reports. clean simple neat predictable...and very controlled with nice full displays for most of each month.

Well...Hawaii has fallen on hard times -people are not "flying" in droves and many flight routes here were cut so even full planes mean less people. My sales in the islands were a solid 50% off for the whole of the 4th Q. and I knew had to "do" the mainland and my business model was no longer appropriate. Hence the Rep.

So my first batch of orders is daunting but very doable. But some details have me stumped and although I have faxed these questions to my rep, I look for your "between the lines" point of view and the added help you may be giving lurkers by addressing my "novice" questions.

1. The PO form my rep uses has a Start Date and a Cancel Date, but no ship date. What is implied? For example: one is Start Feb 1 and Cancel on Feb 28. I am stumped here. Am I to start putting the order together on Feb 1 and ship on Feb 28?

2. One of them has in Start Date A/R and Cancel 3/1. What is A/R: At Receipt? As Ready? And again, what is implied?

3. My rep likes COD as terms, but I know many artists do protest that COD can be more dangerous as bad checks at delivery can happen and actual scams can be at the source. Obviously I want to avoid having collection issues. Any ideas? I know some people are getting Credit Cards for "security" and I do have a merchant account. Should I do a "welcome/thank-you/policy letter" as a follow-up to these "first" orders and try to get clearer committments or whatever. One of the orders states: call with total COD just before you ship. This seems like something I should consider doing with all orders? And I think it would be a good opportunity to ask for a credit card to end the collections issue then and there. Is there a standard way that this is all "usually" handled?

Okay...I have more questions, but I am over staying my visit here. TIA to you or others for any guide me onto this new pathway.


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