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Posted by Brian Hooey on October 22, 2001 at 00:06:04:

In Reply to: Employee raises posted by M.R. Daniels on October 20, 2001 at 06:45:17:

I've thought about this, but I admit I don't have a "solid" answer that I really believe in.

The problem is that you really have to manage rewards based on the *individual* employee and taylor the reward to fit.

For instance, I've noticed that some employees are often employees because that don't have the same sense of responsibility for the *results* of their efforts. They believe they get paid for activity, whether or not that activity is actually worth the amount they are getting paid.

One year I tried to tie in a *bonus* to our sales. For us, during the busy season, sales are very directly tied to production. I put some serious money at stake for a reward for a higher level of sales/production.

One problem with this. Although this would have been a great motivator for my personality, this person grew up in an environment of entitlement. She could never grasp the concept of a effort/reward system. It was really pathetic. Nothing changed, and in fact, she ended up with more absenteeism then during the non-bonus period. She didn't qualify for a bonus and felt resentment toward us because she didn't get one.

I ended up using a different reward system the next year. I gave her "more important" jobs and increased her feeling of being valued for her input. This seemed to work (but other factors came into play and she doen't work for us anymore).

The bottom line, however, is that you really have to take in account the values and background of the individual employees to determine what might or might not work. I can't come up with anything that would work for all people, all the time.

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