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Posted by Brian Hooey on September 30, 2001 at 00:06:43:

In Reply to: let's talk about how to survive posted by annie on September 19, 2001 at 17:54:04:

Well, Annie, have confidence in yourself (that you can have a great year). Our marketplace is so very much bigger than we will ever be. There will always, always be a place to sell quality art and crafts. You have to just keep stretching yourself with new methods and try to gain experience from others. More shows is fine, as long as they produce. A bad show just screws up my attitude and make me feel like the sky is falling when it isn't. Promotion never hurts, but there is good promotion and wasteful promotion. "Gambles" should only happen when you can afford them, although you should stretch yourself regularly and try things that seem to make sense.

I don't know anything about you so it would be hard for me to elaborate on opportunities that you might be overlooking. I just know that my planning for this possible "recession" started long ago and now I'll be evaluating things to pull out of the "hat" as the need arises.

The thing that I'm constantly saying to my partner (who is also my wife) is that I can't believe how many opportunities there are to market our stuff. There is always something new to try and it is a good idea to try new things over a period of time so the failures don't happen when you can least afford them.

BTW- Right now I don't see us being in any kind of "survival" mode. Yea, some galleries have canceled or postponed early October orders. But others have called wanting anything I can ship to them right away. Our retail shows have been only slightly affected, too. I was expecting the worst and ended up hitting my goals for the last two weekends, despite getting rained out last weekend.

My feelings have always been that, just like investments, try to diversify who and where you sell your products. I'm seeing "pockets" of inactivity around the country, but I'm also seeing a lot of buyers still buying at a good clip. Don't write off anything yet. Most of all, keep your attitude positive. That affects outcomes more than we realize. Don't start thinking that you have to just "survive" or that will become your mode, regardless of whether or not it was warranted.

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