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Posted by Joan on July 05, 2001 at 15:27:17:

In Reply to: I have questions about wholesaling posted by Tracy on June 26, 2001 at 19:53:52:

: If I put together a brochure and price list how do I handle the order? I could produce 100 copies of "X" bracelet, but that's not what I'd want to do. What I really want to do is get an order for 100 bracelets and then produce an order that's unique. Is that a
: reasonable thing? I really have no clue here.

I work similar to this in the sense that all my work goes together in that it is the same materials made by the same hand. I no longer wholesale as I prefer to retail. But I did do the Rosen Buyers Market and wholesaled when I was starting out(I'm backwards to alot of people). I sold by "assortment". Was never any problem. Especially on batches of a low end item.
The only problem buyers have with this arrangement is if you "bait and Switch" Meaning the assortment order they receive is not as nice as the one they saw when they ordered. Buyers may also want to specify colors generally(like "no yellow" or "alot of blue").

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