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Posted by Luann Udell on January 26, 2001 at 17:07:48:

In Reply to: Belated realization of unsalable product posted by Bathsheba Grossman on January 20, 2001 at 00:35:09:

I was unable to access your site through your link, but did get there by typing in your url. I think these miniature sculptures are delightful, and I think John's advice is dead-on. I've always heard there is an incredible market for mintiatures of all kinds, and these are beautiful and unusual.
A few observations after looking at your site... I think you could romance the presentation of these little guys a *lot*. I think presentation is going to be crucial. One example--I didn't see prices, but if your retail prices for these are in the $180+ range, then the last thing you want is to sell a little $3 acrylic pedestal "on the side" (or their choice of a $3 beveled mirror.) Likewise, selling 2 yards of silk cord is silly. (I'm just being very frank.) As a consumer, if I'm buying a platinum-washed silver objet d'art, I want that baby on a sterling silver cable cord necklace. And I want that little beveled mirror in the package. I think if these were offered in a small box, with the silk cord (with gold or silver clasp, of course) and a little pedestal; with a tasteful card describing the process, and your story, then, as John said, you'd have a knock-out gift item. In fact, these might appeal to the executive gift market, in addition to other possibilities.
BTW, a small detail--in your artist statement. The word "mensuration"... I've got two college degrees, so I figure if *I* don't know what it means (without a trip to Webster's), your public isn't going to, either.
One last point--the argument you got from the jewelers doesn't sound right. Jewelers are *always* looking for elegant little things they can offer to their clientele who aren't in the mood for a $10,000 diamond ring that week. These should do well with jewelry stores (really nice ones), because they aren't as expensive as precious metal-and-stone jewelry, but they are of the same quality work. They would work as gifts for men as well as women, and the whole idea of offering variations and editions just smacks of collectability. I think you have a unique and lovely item. It may take a little longer to get these off the ground, and as John said, your best salesman will be *you*. I recommend Bruce Baker's tape on selling, "Be a Dynamic Crafts Seller", available from his website or 1-802-388-3434. It's less than $15, it's user-friendly and upbeat, and it encourages you to learn how to really talk to people about why you do what you do.

As a P.S. for John--I keep hearing that there are many other people out there with great tapes & books on selling crafts, but I'm only familiar with this one. Do you have any favorites? (Do you do tapes?)

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