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Posted by Forum Administrator on July 28, 1999 at 21:50:02:

to the CraftSmarts Online Forum
hosted by CraftSmarts™

The "list mom" for this list is CraftSmarts Forum Webmaster . They will moderate all posts and keep people on topic in discussions.

To help them out, every list member should keep in mind a few basic list rules:

  1. In every subject line (even if in a reply), summarize the contents of your post in a few words, so that others immediately know which post to pull up when they are looking for information
  2. When replying, try to quote the relevant part of the original message, so that others know immediately what your post is regarding. Use cut and paste if you have to.
  3. Sign your post with your name for ease of response.
  4. Stay on topic.
  5. You own your words.

For questions on the operation of this board, click on FAQs.

Thank you,

CraftSmarts Forum Webmaster

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