tip of the week


This one is a bit self-serving, but it needs to be discussed. CraftSmarts is your resource -- just use it! The discussion group, or message board if you prefer, can be found on the main menu bar at the top as Messages. It is a powerful tool that I placed on this website for your collective use.

Do you have a question about certain materials or production practices in your specific craft? Post a message. I'm certain that at least one fellow craftie has the information you are looking for. In my experience very few makers in this industry are not in a position to share techniques or sources.

Do you have excess materials or supplies that you would like to convert to cash? Use the message board as a classified ad by posting to it. Surplus equipment to sell? Post a message. Want to buy a successful gallery or sell your own studio? Post a message. Think of it as Craft Classifieds on the Internet.

The message board is part of the interactive content of this site. As such, it is only as valuable as you make it. I can't make it work by myself. You are the ones to have to post, and then return to see if your questions have been addressed. Don't be shy.

If we get a serious thread going on a particular topic of interest to many of you, I'll be happy to jump in and moderate the discussion. But in any event, let's just get the dialogue going for now.