liability and insurance

Virtually every professional craftsperson needs good, basic liability coverage included in his/her overall insurance package. You do have insurance, right? Liability coverage is as important as fire and theft insurance. With six per cent of the world's population, and 78 per cent of its lawyers, it's surprising that we don't get sued more often than we do, and for more trivial reasons. Just remember the little old lady who sued MacDonald's because the coffee she spilled in her lap was HOT. Duh! What was she doing, turning the cup upside down to see if there was a temperature warning label on the bottom?

You already have a policy covering fire and theft. Perhaps your policy is a bit more comprehensive and covers inventory in transit to shows and back (a good idea), employee theft and business interruption insurance. For a very modest increase in the premium, your insurance carrier should be in a position to offer you a decent level of liability coverage. With juries being what they are today, I don't recommend anything less than one million dollars. See how easy it is to become a millionaire? You'll appreciate having it when your customer takes your craft widget back to Aunt Betsy and the old girl pokes her eye out with it at the nursing home. Might be a good time to rethink your policy of giving out receipts, too!


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